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Twist: Organized Messaging v811

Twist: Organized Messaging v811


Work communication that won’t distract you all day.

Twist makes collaboration easy from anywhere. Unlike Slack and Teams, it uses threads to organize all your team’s conversations — asynchronously.

– Twist threads never bury important information in an avalanche of chit-chat (like Slack)
– Keep conversations organized and on topic → one topic = one thread

– Create a central place to gain visibility on your team’s work with channels
– Organize channels by topic, project, or client

– Help your team focus on the work that matters, instilling more calm and less anxiety with smarter notifications
– The inbox gathers threads in one place, allowing team members to easily prioritize what matters to them

– Give your team a historical record to learn from
– Quickly onboard new employees and easily share context to past decisions

– Talk one-on-one with messages, privately
– Use messages to continue the work banter with all the gifs and emojis you’re familiar with, iron out last-minute details, or give feedback

– Plus all the integrations your team relies on
– Bring all your apps with you when you switch to Twist or go a step further and create your own custom automations

Plus, in Twist, “NO” is a feature:
– NO more need for back-to-back meetings: Gain more time in the day for deep work by swapping team status meetings for async threads
– NO green dots: Keep your team in the flow without the pressure to respond now
– NO typing indicators: Protect your team from design tricks that hijack their time and attention

The bottom line? Twist means productivity over presence. Sign up now.

***Built by Doist, a global leader in remote and asynchronous work, and the makers of the top-rated productivity app Todoist – trusted by 30+ million people worldwide.***

🐛 We eliminated bug after bug. Maybe we should call ourselves exterminators?

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