Android12 Pixel Weather Widget 10.6

Android12 Pixel Weather Widget 10.6


A standalone app that offers beautiful weather widgets inspired by Android Twelve and Android 13 Pixel design with all of the modern styles in high quality and beautiful fully customizable design.

The app is easy to use, light and does not necessarily need location permission since besides its geo-positioning function to automatically detect the location, it also has the option to search for the city manually and it is battery friendly with no noticeable RAM or storage usage!

Android 12 & Android 13 Weather Widgets app retrieves its weather data from the legendary which is a very specific and powerful weather provider. The app shows the current temperature and current humidity in a variety of different widgets.

Main functions :
– All Android 12 & Android 13 Weather widgets with different designs
– New widgets styles including At A Glance widget design.
– Modern app UI that is inspired by Android 12+ Material You
– Full customization abilities over the widgets.
– Choose your location manually or automatically
– Premium features include disabling ads, more widgets themes, and customizations.

Privacy policy:
▪︎ Android 12 Weather Widgets does not collect, save, use, share, or have access to any kind of user personal information and has no required special permissions unless the Location permission is only needed for getting the location automatically in order to provide the weather data based on it.
• The app does not have any additional services that aim to collect users’ data for any kind of use, except the native services which are used by default like Google play services.
• The app does not perform any action without the user’s acceptance such as enabling GPS or adding widgets/shortcuts to the home screen.

If you have any questions, queries, suggestions, or any other notice, feel free to contact us at or our telegram support channel at

* Fixed draining issue
– Added more Material You coloring options (Android 12+)
– Added more widget Design and Shape options for the customizable widget.
– Improved automatic custom wallpaper coloring.
– Clicking on the temperature text now just refreshes the widget
– Other improvements and bug fixes

NOTE: Some of your customizations might be reset to default after this update, it’s fine.

Your feedback is always welcome, please contact us at if you faced any issues.

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