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À l’occasion de la première diffusion en clair du film Les traducteurs dimanche 7 août 2022, à partir de 21h05 sur France 2, Télé Star vous dévoile si le scénario de ce long-métrage est basé sur une histoire quiment quis Firstly.

Released in cinemas in 2019, called the movie TranslatorsAnd the wear before Lambert WilsonOlga Kurylenko, Ricardo Scamarcio et al., Alex Lutherwill be broadcast for the first time unencrypted on Sunday August 7, 2022 from 9:05 PM France 2. run out of Regis RinsardThe events of this feature film take place at the last volume of the successful literary series DaedalusFrom the mysterious author Oscar Brach is about to be released. Nine translators had previously been brought together to work in complete secrecy on translating the text into French into their own languages. (English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Mandarin, Spanish, Greek, Italian).

from different perspectives, They will have to live secluded in a luxurious shelter located under a palace in France, to avoid any escape. Strict editor Eric Angstrom, played on screen by Lambert Wilson, forbids any contact with the outside world. Publication of this novel for him a huge financial stake. but, Despite the translators being locked up for 3 weeks, the first ten pages of the novel will be revealed online. While everyone is wondering where the leak comes from, the hacker demands a large ransom for not revealing the rest of the novel. To write the script for this movie, Regis Rwensard was inspired by a similar story.

The Translators: A Story Inspired by the Translation of Book Inferno

In the seven years that have passed, I have spent a year traveling with my film pluralAnd the To meet people from all over the world, from Greece to Japan via Quebec. It took me a lot. And then, I came across many articles about translating Dan Brown book, big fire. Twelve international translators have been held in a basement in Italy to translate his latest novels. What challenged and fascinated me was that a cultural product needed to be protected as if it were a gem. From there came my famous ‘And yes…’, Appropriate for the genesis of all imagination: What if the book is stolen and pirated despite all the precautions taken? What if we demand a ransom for not posting it online?“. I had my topic!‘,” the director explained.

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