The Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson did not participate in the Amazon series because of Tolkien’s heirs

Peter Jackson just revealed that he was shadowed by Amazon during the show the Lord of the RingsAnd we think we know why! Several sources indicate that the reason behind this The director’s absence is due to JRR Tolkien’s heirs. We tell you more below.

Tolkien Heirs vs Peter Jackson

serial rings of strength It will be the third major live-action adaptation of Tolkien’s workafter triple Lord of the rings a you the hobbit. It will take place long before the events of the Peter Jackson films, during the Second Age, and will focus on the rise of dark forces in Middle-earth.

With a total cost of $1 billion, spread over 5 seasons, it is one of the most expensive television productions ever. Amazon paid $250 million to Tolkien’s successors In 2017 to acquire the TV rights to Lord of the rings… It is the latter’s decision not to involve Peter Jackson power rings.

During an interview with The Hollywood ReporterPeter Jackson revealed itAmazon approached him about the series, before blocking it forever. Tolkien’s heirs pressured the director not to be involved, apparently for creative reasons.

In the past, Christopher Tolkien recently passed away Triple swipe Lord of the rings a you the hobbit for their misinterpretation of the topics of the books from which they were quoted And their fight scenes are too many. The successors did not participate in these two cinematic works, unlike the Amazon series, in which they had a say. In addition to the hostility of Tolkien’s heirs, There is no doubt that legal problems prevented Peter Jackson from getting involved in rings of strengthsince the trilogy belongs to Warner Bros.

No regrets then! And you, what do you think of the attitude of Tolkien’s heirs to Peter Jackson?

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