OM: Igor Tudor responds to the whistles of a Velodrome - Foot Mercato - EYE CLUB

OM: Igor Tudor responds to the whistles of a Velodrome – Foot Mercato

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Ligue 1 season has finally begun. It was Olympique de Marseille that wrapped up the first weekend of the French championship by hosting a small team from Reims at the Orange Velodrome. Fuji won with a score Four goals for one Supported by newcomer Luis Suarez. However, nothing bodes for such a beautiful evening in the city of Marseille.

Indeed, this summer, when training resumed, Jorge Sampaoli decided to leave the ship. Neither one nor two, President Pablo Longoria, decided to replace him with Igor Tudor, the author of a good season in Hellas Verona. Yes, but the new game plan is now the opposite of that advocated by the Argentine. Even worse, he took the lead with some elements.

A major dispute with Gerson in England, spat with Jordan Amafi and Jens Under and finally, at the end of the first half of the match against Milan, with Matteo Guendouzi, was released unofficially. So much so that Pablo Longoria decided to call a meeting to remind certain elements of the club’s priorities: leaders, coaches and players. In this order.

« The fans are always right »

But it seems that the rejection was still significant. It has spread. It was enough to hear Bronka in the velodrome when the announcer announced the name of the Croats before the meeting. So, the first is complicated, but the end result is well beyond it. The coach was also invited to speak about the event at a press conference.

« As for the game, I’m happy. It is a clear and deserved victory. The first period gave me a lot, we had intensity. We’ve worked on it. In general it was sharp. Congratulations to the players and fans for the atmosphere. As for the whistles, I didn’t hear, I was inside. The fans are always right, we play for them. I have to work for the good of the team and the supporters ‘, is explained. The answer must satisfy them!

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