Drought: water restrictions 'ridiculous' in Colmar 'where there is no supply problem', says mayor - franceinfo - EYE CLUB

Drought: water restrictions ‘ridiculous’ in Colmar ‘where there is no supply problem’, says mayor – franceinfo

Eric Strowman asks for an exemption from the governor of Haut-Rhin so that he can irrigate the communal flower beds in Colmar, a city called Four Flowers.

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“There is absolutely no problem with the water supply in Colmar”The mayor of Les Républicains, Eric Stroman, said Saturday, August 6 on franceinfo, while France has been facing a historic drought for weeks. The elected official is demanding that the governor of Haut-Rhin, who has been partially placed in a state of crisis, be removed from continuing to irrigate the communal flower beds.

On Wednesday, the governor, Louis Logier, announced in a press release that he had issued an imposing order for New measures to temporarily limit certain uses of waterMeanwhile, the situation has become Critical in the valleys of Vosges and in the south of the province.

Colmar is one of the municipalities affected by these restrictions, according to the decree, if It is not forbidden to irrigate trees, shrubs and pots.And the On the other hand, it is prohibited Lawns, green spaces and public flowerbeds. We are under the highest water level in Europe.Eric Stroman argues, with 35 billion cubic meters of water underfoot. The Alsatian elect also asserts that the water withdrawal needed to water the plants will be “symbolic”.

Colmar “It has invested heavily to ensure its reputation as the Ville 4 Fleurs and Fleur d’Or and thus maintain its tourist appeal”argues the city in a press release published on its website. If the Governor of Haut-Rhin does not amend his ordinance, he is eligible “silly” by the mayor of Colmar, “We can bring all these farms home and destroy them in the middle of next week, just because they are dying.”

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