Alpine - Otmar Szafnauer furious after the departure of Fernando Alonso: "It is capitalism in its purest form" - Eurosport FR - EYE CLUB

Alpine – Otmar Szafnauer furious after the departure of Fernando Alonso: “It is capitalism in its purest form” – Eurosport FR

He may have experience, Otmar Safnauer assures him: “I’ve never experienced this before“.”who – which“, he is Black Monday in the Alps, with Fernando Alonso’s sudden departure to Aston Martin when everything seemed to be linked to the extension, followed by Oscar Piastre’s refusal to take over next season. In short, for the French team, this is a big blackout and the team manager does not yet have all the answers to his questions, particularly those regarding who the driver will accompany Esteban Ocon next year.
In the case, the commander regrets not keeping the statements of the pilots. “I think this is capitalism in its purest formShouted Confidentiality of the General Manager Upon his return to the sudden departure of Alonso. Nothing is certain until you sign. We’ve had a lot of conversations with Fernando, we wanted him to stay, and it looks like he’s had those conversations with Aston Martin as well.“.But his respect for the Spanish world champion tempers his view of things somewhat. For the young Australian, on the other hand…

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Biastri must have had some loyalty…

Unfortunately, Alonso signed with Aston Martin and I understand why. But as for Biastri, I don’t understandIn the embrace of the French team for years, the young prodigy was surprised on social media by being named driver for the year 2023 when he had not signed anything according to him yet.I won’t be driving to the Alps next season‘, rather it is progress. A position Szafnauer does not share, confirming that legal remedies are being considered by Alpine while The Australian appears close to committing to McLaren.

Our strategic plan is very good and Piastre knows itthe leader of the Alps advances. It’s even better than a McLaren. We are ahead of them in the championship and hopefully we will be in the end. […] In our future, in the 100 races plan we’re working on, I think there’s room for Pastry. In addition, we supported it. He must have some loyalty after all we have invested, millions upon millions, to be ready“Obviously, here again, the loyalty to capitalism was better…

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