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Netflix: Only 7 days left to see the best of Batman! – AlloCine

It is the most successful film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight is out of the Netflix catalog in a week. The third opus, The Dark Knight Rises too, but it’s with the Joker we recommend.

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In this remake, Batman ups the ante in his war on crime. With the support of Police Lieutenant Jim Gordon and Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to eradicate organized crime sweeping the city. Their bond is highly effective but is soon turned upside down by the chaos unleashed by an unusual criminal known to the citizens of Gotham as the Joker.

The Dark Knight, a film by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, directed by Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart…until August 14 on Netflix

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight has been hailed as one of the best superhero movies ever made, and it hasn’t changed over the years. While superhero movies have been on the rise for decades, one character and one movie in particular stands above all others even today. The Dark Knight not only revolutionized the superhero genre but also influenced a wide range of films that followed.

creative joker

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is nothing short of legendary. By fully immersing himself in the character, Heath Ledger has somewhat set a new standard – a hard-to-beat standard – for how to portray a villain in a realistic world and place. Furthermore, the basic concept of anarchic terror throughout the movie anchors it a bit more in the real world. For the first time, this Joker inspired real horror in the spectators.

The perfect duo of villains

As iconic – and deservedly so – the Joker as a villain, Two-Face has proven to be the perfect complement to The Clown Prince of Crime. For the sake of the plot, it takes time to orchestrate the downfall of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to achieve maximum emotional impact, but they both run on electricity even when they don’t interact with the other directly. Two-Face is exciting and unpredictable, but it doesn’t distract from the film’s central antagonist.

constant tension

Superhero movies always depict a battle unfolding in the city streets with stunned viewers watching the main character fight an awesome villain. The destruction of the city is chaotic and exaggerated but is always represented as something inconsequential. As if the damage was not real (hello Marvel). The Dark Knight depicts destruction in a way that leaves audiences feeling uneasy and vulnerable. The carnage is not only realistic but plausible. Seeing a hospital settled by bombs is just one example of the real tension the film provides, and one that remains etched in our memories.

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Christian Bale as Batman

Real Supporting Characters

Many single person superhero movies tend to have a set of secondary characters who simply act as scenes or props for the audience to better understand the hero. Few films actually use these characters for anything more than a practical tool. The Dark Knight puts his secondary characters at the fore, they are an integral part of the story. Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Harvey Dent played active roles in tracking down the Joker, while Rachel (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Lucius (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred (Michael Caine) played their full roles. They are not only companions, they are also able to stand up for themselves.

no happy ending

The Dark Knight is not a traditional superhero movie nor does it happen that way. The film’s central turning point shows Rachel Dawes being murdered by Harvey Dent, who suffers horrific facial injuries. The injuries that led to a real psychological breakdown hinder him and violate his principles. This action returns to haunt Batman in the final moments of the film, which ends with a bitter aftertaste. Which makes it one of the darkest superhero movies ever. There’s no happy ending, at least not in the traditional sense, and it’s a straight slap in the face for most superhero movies that have come out before, and it’s the perfect way to turn things around.

Christian Bale at the top

There was a great group of actors who played Batman before Christian Bale. Some of them have really stellar performances while others fail… Michael Keaton is one of Batman’s best actors, but his interpretation probably won’t hold up today. Conversely, Christian Bale demonstrates what Batman looks like in the modern era. The Englishman has the acting qualities necessary to achieve the proper charisma for this role. While Christian Bale is great as Batman, he is just as compelling as the Tormented and Broken Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises will leave the Netflix catalog on August 14.

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