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Shark Test: What is the movie behind this pitch? – AlloCine

On the occasion of the cinematic release of “Year of the Shark”, test your knowledge of shark films.

The year of the shark, the new movie of the Bukhrama brothers was shown last Wednesday in our dark rooms.

A year after Teddy and his wolf, young filmmakers explore the legend of the shark.

In the feature film Maya, a Marine Policewoman in the Swamps, she sees her worst nightmare: early retirement! Her husband Terry has already planned the campground and RV.

But the disappearance of a vacationer puts the entire coast on alert: a shark roams the bay! With the help of her young colleagues Eugenie and Blaise, she jumps at the chance to offer herself one last assignment…

Worn by Marina Vaux, Cad Merad, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gauthier, the Shark Year clearly references Steven Spielberg’s film, Jaw. Bad bitches…

We give you the pitch, it’s up to you to figure out which movie you want!

Do you know ?

With this film, Ludovic and Zoran Bujerma wanted to grab their shoulders with a genre movie. The second explains:It’s a fantasy movie. When you watch Spielberg’s Jaws, you’ll never forget the impact of the movie. There aren’t really any movies of the same genre. Oftentimes, a shark movie, it quickly turns into a parody. “

There, we really wanted to get back to the essence of the genre: that is, above all, depicting a threat in a place where it wouldn’t normally suit him, the beach. The shark is the beast of summer, who comes to spoil the party. For us, there is material for “cinema”, there is something to film and say.

Therefore, the year of the shark focuses more on the fear that the presence of the shark will excite among vacationers and local residents, than on the shark itself.

The Jokers / Les Bookmakers

Christine Gautier and Marina Foix

Indeed, if the shark movie is often inseparable from the Z series, the Bukhrama brothers took the genre very seriously: “We loved the idea of ​​the monster, and the menace, on this beach, but we didn’t want to treat it as a joke at all.

We started developing this story before writing Teddy. What we loved was to confront ourselves with the genre of cinema, to portray a monster so famous for American cinema but transport it to where it had no place at first: the southwest of France.”

Because if shark movies have been around on the other side of the Atlantic since the 1970s, Year of the Shark is really the first French movie about sharks.

To create the marine mammals, the directors chose an animated shark and not engineered via digital effects. They explain: “We couldn’t see ourselves shooting a tennis ball in the water and telling the actors ‘Over there, you’re scared, the shark is approaching!’ It’s absurd.”

“The first time we saw this amazing doll made by Pascal Molina in the water, it really struck a chord with us. With the movements of the water, his skin coming to life, there are reflections, and his nostrils open, it was amazing.”

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