Cuba seeks help to deal with oil depot fire - Le Monde - EYE CLUB

Cuba seeks help to deal with oil depot fire – Le Monde

Cuba asked for help “from friendly countries” To deal with the massive fire in an oil depot on the outskirts of Matanzas, a city of 140,000 people 100 kilometers east of Havana. The fire broke out on Friday evening when lightning struck one of the tanks at the oil depot. Early in the morning, the fire then spread to a second tank.

At least 1 person was killed, 17 missing, 121 injured – 5 in critical condition, 3 in very serious condition, and 28 seriously injured, according to the latest report sent on the presidency’s Twitter account.

Among the wounded was Energy Minister Levan Arront. Missing firefighters “Those who were in the area closest to the fire” when an explosion occurred. About 1,900 people were evacuated from the disaster area.

Cuban meteorologist Eller Bella published satellite images of the area, showing a thick plume of black smoke moving west from the fire point and reaching eastern Havana. “This shaft can be nearly 150 kilometers long.”Mr. Bella wrote on his Twitter account.

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Having difficulty controlling the fire that “It may take a while”according to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba “Seek help and advice from friendly countries with experience in the oil sector”. The answers did not come for long, and the Cuban president tweeted about it “Deep gratitude to the Governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile, which quickly provided material assistance in solidarity with this complex situation”. We are also grateful for the offer of technical assistance from the United States., he added. Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cosio said the US proposal “It is already in the hands of specialists for proper coordination”.

A group of Mexican soldiers disembark at Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, in Matanzas Province, Saturday, August 6, 2022.

The US Embassy in Havana had previously claimed that it was “and contact” With Cuban officials, saying that despite the ongoing sanctions regime against the only ruling party, US law authorizes US entities and organizations to provide and respond to disaster relief in Cuba..

According to Asbel Leal, Director of Trade and Supply at CPC, the first Cupet tank It contains approximately 26,000 cubic meters of domestic ore, or approximately 50% of its maximum capacity. The time of the disaster. The second tank contained 52,000 cubic meters of fuel oil. Cuba has never faced a fire Today’s VolumeHe said.

According to the official newspaper granmaAnd the “There was a failure in the lightning rod system that could not withstand the force of the electrical discharge”. He explained that the deposit supplies the Antonio Guitras power plant, the largest in Cuba, but the pumping to the station did not stop. granma.

This fire comes as the country faces the obsolescence of the island’s eight thermoelectric power stations to meet the rising demand for electricity due to the summer heat.

The authorities must make periodic cuts, sometimes up to twelve hours a day in certain areas of the country, which angered the angry residents who organized about two dozen demonstrations.

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