Weather: The heat wave will continue in France, with a scorching peak at the weekend – La Provence

By La Provence (with AFP)

Météo France said on Sunday that the heat wave affecting France will continue next week, accompanied by rainstorms in mountain ranges and in Corsica, with a scorching peak expected on Friday in most of the country.

On Sunday and Monday, only two departments, Gard and Vaucluse, were concerned about an orange alert for heat waves that takes into account the effects of heat on human health, particularly when nights are not cool, according to AFP Christel. Robert, forecasting expert at Météo France.

The number of sections in the orange awake state should increase during the week“Did she say?

On the temperature side,It’s going to get hot everywhere, and we’re headed toward a new heat peak that will affect nearly all of France this weekend, starting in the south of the country.The only areas left below 30 degrees in the middle of the week, she said, are along the English Channel.

This is not a fourth heat wave, it is the same wave that started on July 31, and it continues”, even if in certain areas of the north we have more breathable air for a few days, the forecaster emphasized.

Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon, the most important places are in Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales, Gard and Hérault. Welcome thunderstorms hit Corsica, the Pyrenees and the Alps on Sunday.

On Monday, temperatures will rise further in the southwest and the Lower Rhone valley, by around 35 to 38 degrees on average. This rise in mercury will gradually spread north to the Loire on Tuesday, then Burgundy, Ile-de-France and the center-east on Thursday.

Although thunderstorms occur here and there, the historic drought continues. Since July 17, Robert said, the soil moisture index has fallen below that recorded during the historic 1976 and 2003 droughts.

Since dry vegetation is an easy fuel, the risk of fire increases. And so on Sunday more than 300 hectares were burned in Finistere and Morbihan. “Northeast wind helps spreadMrs. Robert said.

Since June 1, Paris has seen 8 nights where the temperature was above or equal to 20 degrees versus just one night last summer, 11 in 2020 (all summer), and 16 nights in both 2003 and 1976.

Nîmes has already had 40 nights this far since June 1, compared to 30 nights in 2021, 41 nights in 2019, 52 nights in 2003, and 8 nights in 1976.

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