Aliens vs. Predator 2: Who remembers this (Nazi) ending that took advantage of Unity…

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem It ended with a teasing scene about a bond with strange saga. Everyone definitely forgot about it, and that was so much the better.

That was in 2008. It was before PrometheusAvant Alien: CovenantAvant The dream (or nightmare as desired). Alien 5. This was before Disney set its big feet on the Fox catalog, collecting and releasing xenomorphs series alien. Inspired by Dark Horse Caricature Aliens vs Predator From 1989 the movie Aliens vs Predators By Paul W.S. Anderson, embodied the perverted imagination in 2004, through confrontation The two alien stars in Hollywood cinema.

The Extended Universe Project was there, and the ending of the first movie opened the door wide for a sequel with a hybrid, Predalien. Aliens vs Predator 2 Things cooled a bit, and Zeno’s saga was nipped in the bud. However, the last scene was declared worse, With a great humor on the sidealien.

“No matter who wins, we will lose.”

ytt Yautja

finally Aliens vs. Predator: Requiema few survivors of a helicopter crash recover in a utterly hilarious heroic mayhem (a mixture of firefighter music, a girl asking if monsters are gone, and a lost heroine’s gaze toward the stars).

But the joke continues, with a post-credits scene but pre-credits. In a mysterious building resembling the PCF headquarters in Paris, and with music befitting the best of bad Gerard Butler, a trio of additions walks with serious air. they go Meet a mysterious woman, with a mysterious bag. Inside : predatory weapon She was rescued during the war that devastated the small town of Gunison.

The mysterious lady shouldn’t turn around. The world is not ready for this technology..

The mystery man replies: “This is not our world. Is it, Mrs. Yutani?”.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: Photomiss yutani

The name Yutani is well known to fansalienAcross Weyland-Yutani Company. She is the one who hired the Nostromo team in the first movie, and wants to get the sample back at any cost. She captures Ripley Aliens, and began to settle colonists on LV-426, once again to get their hands on xenomorphs. Still she reaches the endAlien 3for −s leaving −a−u−v«e«r― −R−i−p−l«e«y― to fit the xeno queen.

in alien resurrectionWeyland-Yutani disappeared a long time ago, as the story takes place 200 years later Alien 3. in PrometheusWeyland is back, but this time In the form of Peter WellandBecause Ridley Scott unsurprisingly wanted to ignore AvP.

Sentences Aliens vs Predators He reenacted Weyland-Yutani as Charles Weyland, the company’s co-founder, and modeled the robot discovered by Bishop in Aliens, back. Hence the pleasure of seeing Lance Henriksen again (not much).

Lance Henriksen: The Picture, Aliens, BackMister Welland (robot version)

Aliens vs Predator 3

Françoise Yip’s appearance as Miss Yutani served naturally Prepare capabilities aFranchise vs Predator 3. If Alien goes with the Predator in the title, then Weyland goes with Yutani in legends. This plan was from Aliens vs PredatorsThe ending scene was supposed to be with the suitcase in the first movie.

Furthermore, Paul W.S. Anderson had planned for John Yottany, who was to appear opposite Charles Welland. In an earlier version of the scenario, the rivalry between the two businessmen was pivotal, with it being a Machiavelli of Yuttani who prompted Welland to leave on an expedition to the buried pyramid… while sending a secret assassin to get rid of him. The idea was finally abandoned, not because it was useless (see the last movie), but perhaps because it added an irreplaceable subplot.

Isn’t it great news It was revealed at the time that Paul WS Anderson had planned it Caster Peter Wheeler. Lance Henriksen vs RoboCop: It’s hard not to be curious.

alien vs predator: photo“Your friend John sent me”

This is Yutani Messed up ends among other things in the saga predator. Predators It ends up with Royce and Isabel, ready to face the next predators, and determined to leave this damned planet. predator He ended up activating the predator suit and Iron Man gifted to humanity to face problems in the future. None of this happened.

The franchise very quickly sought continuity, but chained false starts and problems. predator 2 It was supposed to be a straight-up sequel, centered on Schwarzenegger, but the actor ultimately refused to get big money stories (final details fetch $250,000, according to producer Jon Davis). Shane Black wanted him to appear in predatorBut Schwarze refused againHe explained that he did not like any of the proposed ideas.

anyways, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Put an end to this madness, despite the far from disastrous result at the box office (about 130 million for a budget of about 40). But looking at the discussions around it Prometheus and others CovenantAnd the predator and others victimNot to mention the series alien At Disney, the nightmare is endless for many fans.

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