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Did you know to leave a file The device is always on Without a specific reason may cause Expensive bills? Television is the most important device in the home. In addition, the TV offers the possibility to watch movies as well as exciting shows. If it seems difficult to do without it, you should know it Its use should remain limitedBecause it causes a significant increase in electricity bills.

High bills: This device has malfunctioned

The TV has a minimum electrical power of 50 watts and a maximum power of 600 watts. If we want to do the math, the LCD TV will be on for a few hours a day annual consumption Between 65 kW and 110 kWh. This is according to TV size. In terms of bills, the total cost of this consumption is between 16 and 27 euros per year.

Several factors take into account when Calculate. The first factor has to do with the type of TV you have. For LED lighting, the consumption is half that of an LCD TV. For information, a 40-inch TV consumes about 95 kWh.

For a 42-inch plasma TV, the annual consumption is doubled. Thus it can consume up to 300 kWh, which is equivalent to spending 50 euros. In addition to these factors, one must also consider duration of use. Television Go to sleep It also consumes more energy. You should know that for every hour of no use, the TV consumes 3 watts per hour, or 26 kilowatts per hour per year. and converted into euros, this represents more or less 7 euros on the bills.

Practical tips to save money

So you should know the average consumption of your TV to know if you want it Maintain or reduce consumption. For the second option, here’s what you need to do to reach your bill-level goal. Reducing your consumption can seem very difficult. However, there are simple techniques that can help. Even if only a few euros.

First, the use of LED TV remains more cost-effective its energy consumption. This is compared to an LCD TV. In addition, when the TV is not in use, it is still recommended to turn it off and unplug it. And that’s since a standby device Always be able to consumeMoney on your bills. Finally, TV volume plays a An important role in consumption. In fact, the larger it is, the more energy it consumes throughout the year. Therefore, it is often more suitable in the home, it is better to choose a medium-sized TV.

Thus, it is necessary to choose a file boss of electricity that provides a Good value for money Attractive presentation. Consider everyone’s opinions about the different power managers. A kind of competitiveness has developed among suppliers. You can still watch TV with the brightness reduced or increased. Allow to decrease Electricity bill.

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