Bruno Genesio (Rennes) after losing to Lorient: "37 days left" - L'Equipe - EYE CLUB

Bruno Genesio (Rennes) after losing to Lorient: “37 days left” – L’Equipe

Bruno Genesio, Rennes coach, after the home defeat to Lorient (0-1): “There are only 37 days left, if we really feel threatened and defeated, the season will be long… We will have to show another face in the intensity that we did not put in the second half. In general, you get what you deserve in football. This last measure, with Doku strike, it’s a bit like the summary of our game.Now we have to draw conclusions so as not to repeat this kind of performance especially in the second period.

You could say it’s a frustrating start. We lacked a lot of simplicity in our game, like deep play, even if Lorient defended well, there was room to do better. I spent my talk in humility […] What we did in the past, we should forget… I hope it was just an accident. We did really well this week. There, we wanted to exaggerate at times. This week I didn’t feel the players were any less hungry than last year. »

Regis Loprais, Lorient coach: “I’m very happy. There were many things. Returning to Rennes, a club that I really appreciate and where I spent many years, after ten years at Lorient… The opportunity to calendar here brought me back to Rennes, to coach my first match and to be able to win in a wonderful stadium with our fans.” I am very happy.It is very exciting.

We defended really well the whole match, except for the first action. We were able to stop Rennais from overclocking, it was done. We sometimes felt ashamed. But we had a good shake in the defensive part. It inevitably gives a stronger belief in what we build. We must continue to believe. We were very serious and very disciplined, which is great. Gradually, we will be able to be aggressively ambitious. »

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