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It Freshens Her Feet in the River: A Terrible and Unimaginable Sequel! – Once upon a time at a bar

Alligators are able to measure up to more than 7 meters The largest land reptile. Carnivores, they have an enormous jaw and a bite force of about 22,000 newtons. Enough to kill large prey such as buffalo, wildebeest and a wide range ofReptiles and other mammals.

Crocodiles have been aptly called man-eaters since their existence Several fatal attacks each year. Moreover, the monster recently had another victim: a 32-year-old Malaysian. The saddest thing about this story is that she just wanted to calm down.

Dead being devoured by a crocodile in a river

to be devoured by a crocodile no doubt worst way to die. Unfortunately for Norsehila Sayong, she lost her life when trapped in the jaws of a mighty predator. For your information, this tragedy occurred on Saturday 30 July 2022.

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During a fishing trip with her family Norciela Sayong He wanted to splash in the river from his village. A harmless gesture quickly turned into a nightmare.

And for good reason, feet in the water, Crocodile comes outthen grab it drags him into the depths. Of course, the people there tried to get him out of the beast’s grasp, but to no avail.

shocking discovery

The saddest thing about this story is that his relatives Witnessed the terrible scene. After they were alerted, emergency services arrived at the scene. Significantly 5 firefighters tried to find young motherbut no results.

Finally, the next day, Sunday, July 31, a body Victim has been found. He was 800 meters from the scene of the tragedy. A shocking discovery since Norsehila Sayong’s body was completely ripped apart. She no longer had her feet or hands.

As you might expect, this story is in the country topped the headlines. Confronting the journalist Noor Azlan Shah Jamaluddin, President of the Fire and Rescue Service About Kinabatangan City, he said:

“The body was found at 8 am local time. We recovered the body and then brought it to the police, who in turn handed it over to the victim’s family.”

sad husband

By joining Heaven, Norsehila Sayong leaves behind her grieving loved ones. After this drama, the husband, Aki, is totally devastated. We can understand it. to lose Once he’s the one we love, and that’s in the worst possible way real heart breaker.

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Despite his blacksmithing, the grieving widow still had strength In honor of his girlfriend. For him, she will forever remain in his heart. He said on social media:

“I pray that my wife, my soul mate, will be in heaven with other religious souls.”

In tribute to the father of the family also Greetings to all the good ones Who crossed with his wife and firefighters.

“To all the people who were so kind to Norsehela, may God reward you. She is buried and is now resting in peace. I am grateful to our friends, loved ones and firefighters who came together to find her.”

Another crocodile victim

On January 26, 2022, another crocodile killed itself in Malaysia. This time it’s14 year old boy His name is Ricky Janya. On the day of the tragedy, he was at the edge of a river, not far from his home, to catch snails.

After that, he never came home and showed no sign of life. After getting worried, his family reported it to the authorities. For several days, they searched near the river for any clues. during investigations, A witness claims to have seen a crocodile Catch the teenager in the river.

This was revealed, and the police deployed to find the reptile. To lure him out of the water, they used chicken as bait and that worked. And when the crocodile was caught, they opened stomach. We found inside human remains And Ricky’s clothes.

After analysis, it turns out that a file leftovers In question belongs to him. Then they were returned to his family He was buried in his village.

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