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Tensions in Taiwan: Melenchon’s position stirs up discord in Nobis – 20 minutes

Go ahead and sign. in Full tensions between Beijing and TaipeiLFI leader, Jean-Luc MelenchonIn two consecutive blog posts, Thursday and then SaturdayThe US House of Representatives Speaker’s visit constituted a “provocation”, while “there is only one China”, and it is “a seat among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.”

His writings on Taiwan and Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island Thus the differences of opinion appear among the members of the Left united under the banner of Nupes. Judging that “Taiwan is an entire component of China”, Jean-Luc Melenchon took on a term defended by the Beijing regime and rejected by the authorities in Taipei.

Environmentalists and socialists at Collier

A position in keeping with the “unwavering doctrine” of “one China” that France has followed since General de Gaulle in 1964, and the need to avoid a “new war front,” he argues, with the support of his forces within the LFI. The former presidential candidate, who thanked the Chinese embassy on Twitter, sparked outrage Environmentalists and socialists are members of the NupesWhile the communists, on their part, used a vocabulary similar to his.

“Nancy Pelosi’s official visit to Taiwan was a bravado. It turned out to be an inconsequential provocation in an already particularly dangerous global situation,” the PCF’s Europe & Europe segment said on Friday. But among EELV ecologists, National Secretary Julien Bayot denounced the “real irony” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose “view” from a geopolitical perspective seems “totally outdated”.

Regarding PS President Olivier FaureHe believes that “if Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is debatable, the will of the Taiwanese to live in a democracy is not.” Writing that “the Chinese will solve the problem among themselves”, Jean-Luc Melenchon laments that “the door to annexation is thus left open”, in an interview with Olivier Faurie. Sunday newspaperHe emphasized the “uniqueness of socialists”: “There is no exception when it comes to defending democracy and human rights.”

‘Adopting the cause of tyrants’

The episode confirms that, in July and August during parliament voting on purchasing power measures, Nubian members are not united in diplomatic files, as they also did in the agreement sealing their alliance in May before legislation in June. elections. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February I have already pointed out the differences in viewpointsamong environmentalists calling for arms to be handed over to Ukrainians or rebels who advocate “non-alignment” with Russia or the United States.

On Tuesday, disagreements were reflected in the vote of the National Assembly to ratify the protocols for the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO in the context of the war in Ukraine: the Socialist Party and the environment voted, and the LFI deputies opposed it. “Opposing visions of the world,” notes PS MEP/Public Square Raphaël Glucksmann, who critiques that embodied by Jean-Luc Melenchon whose “anti-Americanism sprang up as a compass” and “leads to espousing the cause of tyrants.”

Discussion Considered “Healthy”

The exit of the Insoumis leader also turned out to be a blessed bread for the opposition socialists who refused to see PS ally with the LFI in Nupes. La Nupes is “an opportunistic alliance without a line!”, pointing the accusing finger at the mayor of PS in Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll, in a “healthy” judgment on the “debate” opened by Jean-Luc Melenchon, as it represents an opportunity for the left “to remain internationalist and European, and above all Nothing is not biased” as the LFI organization advocates.

In the presidential majority, LREM/Renaissance MEP Nathalie Loiseau denounced the “scandalous” stances taken by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “One China policy is everyone’s policy, nobody disputes it,” but it is “not, but not at all, what your leader wrote,” she tweeted to Manuel Bombard, Mélenchon’s right-hand man.

France affirmed Thursday, through its Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, that it “adheres to the one-China policy”, while stressing that “the visit of the president or the head of the chamber to US officials is not without precedent” in Taiwan, and that “in any case, China should not use it” as an excuse. To escalate actions that would increase tension.”

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