Consumption: Water bottles, sandwiches... Supermarket shelves are empty - Europe 1 - EYE CLUB

Consumption: Water bottles, sandwiches… Supermarket shelves are empty – Europe 1

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1:56 pm, August 07, 2022

Supermarket shelves have been gray in recent weeks. It is sometimes impossible to find many basic products, such as bottled water. A new blow to consumers, who are already facing many shortages due to drought and war in Ukraine.

after, after Mustard deficiency And the’oilOther products tend to disappear from our supermarket shelves. This is the case for charcoal used in barbecues, as well as sandwiches and even water bottles. What confuses many consumers.

“We haven’t had anything in store for weeks because it’s summer or something,” says Anne-Marie. “It bothers me because these are the products I used to find and find more. It’s changing the way I shop.” Who leaves the supermarket empty-handed.

There is no shortage of bottled water

But unlike other products, such as mustard for example, we cannot talk about a deficiency, as Olivier Duvers, a specialist in mass consumption, explained: “In sandwiches, on water, in drinks in general, we face the problem of overconsumption that is particularly relevant to context. When it’s hot, we obviously buy a lot of water, a lot more drinks than usual, so we have a higher consumption rate, and the stores don’t necessarily have to be stocked in the right quantities. So there is no shortage of bottled water and there never will be.”

So this phenomenon should only be temporary, the time that Temperatures Lubricate first and distributors can reorganize and offer a much larger stock. “As long as we don’t run out of ice during a heat wave, everything is fine,” says one customer.

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