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Media365 Editorial Staff, published on Sunday August 07, 2022 at 5:19 pm.

Thanks to Tigi Savagnier in form and a double goal, Montpellier took the measure of Troyes this Sunday to win its first Ligue 1 match (3-2).

The first day he’ll keep all his promises at La Mosson’s side. Montpellier and Troyes met this Sunday at the start of the school year in the 2022/23 French Championship. The least we can say is that you shouldn’t arrive late next to the Herault container.

Indeed, from the third minute of play, Théo Sainte-Luca, a new recruit in MHSC who arrived from Nîmes, found the error. When receiving a cross from Moses, another arrival at Herault, the left defender takes the ball and deceives Gallon (1-0, 3). In the aftermath, Troyes inherited a penalty, not so obvious after a foul from Falaye Sakho at Salmier. Florian Tardieu, was quick to put the two teams into a tie (1-1, 12th place). Less than three minutes later, Savagnier also found a loophole to allow his team to regain the lead in this match (2-1, 15). Herrault’s joy did not last long since Mama Baldi, with a superb shot from the right, gave the two teams equalizer shortly before the end of the first 20 minutes of this first term.

First success since March

During a second, slightly more balanced period as the organizations struggled in the heat (it felt 39 degrees in Mausson), Montpellier and the Trojans neutralized each other before a new masterpiece from Captain Tigi Savagnier. Upon receiving a cross from Cozza, who had just entered, the former Nim opened his right foot and tricked Gallon with a shot into the top corner (3-2, 81). The score wouldn’t change in this part despite a great chance from Mama Baldy at the end of the match but O’Mallen was on offer for a shot from the Trojan striker.

For Montpellier, this victory is the first in the French league since March and a success in Bordeaux (2-0). Even better, Héraultais scored against their supporters for the first time since January 23 and beat Monaco with the same score 3-2.

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