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Sony drops the price of these competing headphones from AirPods – Gearrice

Talk about the model Sony WF-XB700. Completely wireless, in-ear and most comfortable headphones. It is suitable for any size of ear and is distinguished by its comfort and, above all, its sound quality. We are sure that if you are looking for an alternative apple AirPods, they won’t disappoint you in the least. Let’s see them!

Sony WF-XB700: An alternative to AirPods

its appearance, we can guarantee you, It’s unique and boldAs you can see in the product reference picture. She is like The GooglePixel Buds. You’ll get them attached to any ear quickly and comfortably.

One of the most amazing things, before moving on to the audio department, is their independence. You will be able to listen to up to 18 hours of music thanks to the practical and small charging case that will provide you two shipments of up to 9 hours.

And if you are in a hurry, you can quickly charge the headphones for 10 minutes and enjoy others 60 . range. I couldn’t ask for more for this great quality! Namely, choosing new headphones is not an easy task.

she has A chip that transmits sound in both ears simultaneouslyWith improved antenna design to ensure the most stable connection. This will also give you low audio latency to enjoy even the ambient sound in videos.

Along the same lines, Equipped with IPX43 water resistanceThis ensures that nothing happens when there are splashes of water or sweat. Of course, do not go to put water.

What stands out the most in the sound is Powerful bass and bass that reverberate in your ears. Your favorite bass lines have never sounded so good. We can guarantee that it will rival any headset on the market.

also Includes voice assistant from both Google and Siri. You don’t have to take your hands out of your pocket even to change songs. Simply activate the assistant through voice commands and ask it to change the menu, change the song or make a call. what you want.

Half price on amazon

Like we told you, the show leaves those real price headphones Good for a limited time. Its price was originally 150 euros. But if what you want is to have the top of the range at the lowest possible price…it’s now only €65.60. That’s 56% off, no more, no less!

We think they are well worth it for the price. So take advantage and get it at The following link is for a limited time:

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