Searches quoted from Google will now appear in bold so that users can see the most relevant results - the world of digital information - EYE CLUB

Searches quoted from Google will now appear in bold so that users can see the most relevant results – the world of digital information

There’s nothing to worry about on the web more than not being able to find exactly what you’re looking for. And to help with issues frequently asked about this very topic, Google is launching a new feature.

search engine giant a statement How soon will cited searches appear in bold. This step is designed to help users see the searches that are most relevant to them first, before they get lost in the massive amount of information scattered across their screens.

The new modification of the price searches performed by the tech giant is sure to add a significant degree of efficiency when searching for a particular result.

But for now, searches will be limited to desktop computers only, although the company plans to expand the initiative to mobile devices soon.

Hence, the next time users end up performing a Quote Search on their computer, the term “question subject” will be bolded to highlight more importance as it arrives on the search results pages.

Specifically, you can find the bold text in the snippet preview copy of the page on Google that the company will depict under each search result.

The company announced the decision via its blog post yesterday. Here, Google has explained how they want to make things simpler for users’ search queries, and for that reason, they perform the required searches.

The change will happen after the users click on the link and go to visit that particular content in question.

In case you didn’t know, quoted searches are for those occasions when a user wants a particular search result to include a particular term, phrase, or even phrase. Simply put, many see it as a great tool that narrows down searches when a normal Google search fails to find the results that users might be looking for.

In the past, Google prevented itself from highlighting text that was noted in some quoted searches. This was related to the fact that the quoted text could be found on other parts of the page. Hence, it won’t end up producing the most useful reviews or little snippets of where to find the information.

The developers agreed and felt that it would only affect the whole readability factor as irrelevant snippets showing the term would appear in different areas of any web page.

On that note, Google has worked hard and finally found a solution, considering the input of loyal users.

She spoke about all the comments she’s received regarding quoted searches. People wanted to know where their quoted terms appeared across the page because it added more value and ease to their search.

This was much more user-friendly and had a great reading factor when compared to a simple summary of what the page was about.

Hopefully now users won’t expect every term mentioned in their query or quote to be in bold on the webpage because this is very difficult.

Google adds that it will also search for the highlighted term in the description text, the ALT area of ​​the text, and the meta as well.

Hence, if you like the sound of it, go ahead and try it out on desktop computers today.

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