Locarno 2022: Meet Daisy Edgar Jones, the star of Ordinary Persons

Revealed during the pandemic thanks to the Irish series “Normal People” in 2020, Daisy Edgar-Jones is pursuing an amazing career. At the Locarno Film Festival, she was awarded an honorary award. Meet a rising star.

While much of the world was trapped between four walls by the pandemic, Daisy Edgar Jones became a star. Within a few months, the series Normal People, in which she plays one of the two main roles, turned into a phenomenon. Audiences and critics praised his interpretation, so much so that it won his first Golden Globe Award nomination.

Since then, the face of this 24-year-old Briton has been popping up everywhere. Last March, she co-starred with Sebastian Stan in the cannibal thriller Fresh – available on Disney+. Most recently, she starred in another series, By God’s Will, with Andrew Garfield – also available on Disney+. In the cinema, she is the heroine of “Where the Lobster Sings”, a bestseller adaptation that was a huge hit in American theaters. The film is scheduled to be released in France on August 17th.

In its 75th edition, the Locarno Film Festival, which takes place from August 3-13, 2022, is honoring this young actress with an honorary award, the Leopard Club Award. The bonus pays homage to the remarkable rise in a mildly turbulent context. A handful of reporters, including AlloCineI was able to visit him in a hotel to ask him some questions.

How does it feel to be here in Locarno to make this film and get this award and be the center of attention?

Daisy Edgar Jones: I’ve never been to a film festival before so it’s really nice to be here. Then look at this view! (She pays attention to the landscape, editor’s note). It’s great to come here knowing the audience will find out about the movie tonight, and I feel very honored to receive this award. It was one of the first movies I could make when I was 19 years old life poolIt’s previewed here too, so it’s fun to put my first and most recent work together at the same time.

How did this desire to become an actress arise?

I always liked theater at school, although I was shy, calm and reserved. I remember doing plays for the first time and being able to play characters very different from me, which were more rude or rude. And I really enjoyed seeing how much you can achieve when you’re not yourself.

Then when I was 15, I joined the National Youth Theatre, a big London company. I have played with them every year since I came to this school. Thanks to them I got my agent and started testing professionally since I was 16 years old.

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Daisy Edgar Jones in Where the Lobster Sings.

Your parents are in the industry, right?

Before I was born, my mother worked as a film editor. My father, in fact, worked in television, but in a different kind of media. He ran Big Brother, a TV show. I was too young to watch this (Smiling, Editor’s Note).

Did they encourage you?

They knew the environment, so they were more confident. It is scary to allow your child to do work that may not always be reliable or stable. The fact that I wasn’t afraid of it, or had that experience, worked for me.

I’ll be curious to know your reaction after the massive success of Ordinary people. It’s not just the fact that they are successful, but many people have recognized the characters. I feel it was more about Paul Mescal and yourself, your presence and the whole atmosphere that was projected onto the screen. Did that put extra pressure on you?

when I did Ordinary peoplePaul Maskal and I have never had leadership roles before. I don’t even think Paul ever made a movie or TV, which is unbelievable. This was the first time in front of the camera. I had experience before, but none of us were exposed to this.

On set, we weren’t aware of how big this could take. We didn’t even think the series would be watched. Today is different. I had a little more awareness. I know people will pay more attention to my work. I try not to think about it and forget about it. When the movie comes out, it takes a different shape and doesn’t belong to you anyway.

I would like to play the villain.

When we see your last three projects, Where the lobster singsserial By God’s command and others Fresh, they all talk about violence against women and how it is systematic. Is this a coincidence or a deliberate choice on your part?

I think it’s a coincidence. I’ve always wanted to play complex women, who don’t fit in boxes and don’t fit in with what a woman should be. I think playing complex characters, cute and strong, brave and shy, and all these different aspects, that’s what interests me. But I think it’s a coincidence that they all went through this in different ways.

What future goals do you want to achieve in your career?

I’d like to be able to play really very different characters, and try to change myself and not pick characters that are probably too obvious. I would like to play a villain for example. I would like to work for great filmmakers. I like to be directed and immersed in the artist’s vision.


In “Ordinary People” she plays Marianne, a role that reveals her to the whole world.

You’re talking about “ultra-obvious” characters. what do you mean by that ?

Well, I feel like I’m playing a lot of cute, calm, and sweet young women. I guess, well, I wish I was a nice enough person in life, but I’d like to play a character that’s very different from myself, that’s for sure.

Do you have any projects soon?

I have some plans for next year. I can’t really comment on it because it hasn’t been announced. I’m going to act out a new book. I don’t know why I keep doing this myself (I started laughing, Editor’s Note). It’s a classic literary story this time around, and it’s a little different.

Interview by Thomas DeRoch, in Locarno, 5 August 2022.

Where the lobster singsAugust 17 in cinemas.

The Locarno Film Festival runs from August 3-13, 2022.

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