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Drought: 10 daily measures to save water in the home and garden – France 3 . regions

The issue of water has become more pressing. Heat waves combined with a lack of precipitation have put the entire French territory in crisis over the question of water. How do you consume less of this vital water of nature?

Drinking, washing dishes, showering, water consumption are essential to our daily life. But in times of water crisis, as is the case everywhere in France, the question of its management and consumption becomes a subject of great concern. At the beginning of August 2022, the situation was so alarming that the government created an inter-ministerial crisis unit.

On an individual level, everyone can act. Here are some simple tips and actions that you can apply at home in your home or garden.

Each time you rinse, you send 6 to 12 liters of drinking water down the drain. The consumption per household for this item corresponds to more than a third of the bill. So it is important not to neglect the flow to save water. Less redness It seems The most obvious solution. But there are several tricks such as putting a bottle in the water tank, or adjusting the position of the float. It is in Other more or less effective network tricks.

It seems obvious. If the bathroom consumes more water with an average of 100 liters, then showering for a long time (more than ten minutes) beyond the bathroom. So yes to shower, but brief.

Just like installing a flow restrictor. There are several shower head systems designed to reduce water flow. way to save water. Provided that it is reasonable for the duration of the shower.

Take care of any leaks that may be on your network and fix them. simple drip A single drop-click every 4 seconds: Between 4 and 5 liters of water per day. This is it more than 1500 liters of water annually. Leaks and fixtures, everything should be in perfect working order. Sometimes it’s just a stamp to change and its value is only a few cents.

These are bad habits that must be corrected. Turn off the faucet while showering with soap in the shower or when brushing your teeth. We just open it up to rinse it off. It’s stupid, but you have to think about it and correct yourself.

Among the household appliances that we have at home in particular. The quantities of water used are indicated in the list of technical details of each device. little reference A +++ It is a sign of an environmentally responsible device. Water consumption for washing machines or dishwashers is mentioned there.

Irrigation restrictions are in effect. In order to reduce the effects of evaporation, water is prohibited between 8h and others 20 hours. No need to let the water flow for hours. In order to help the plants resist the heat, you will not be able to compensate for the lack of rain in the season.

This is only suitable for purists. impossible to me Put it in place when you live in an apartment. All mountain shelters are equipped with it. It’s eco-friendly, no water use.

for the garden or balcony, Installing a water collector is a good solution. Instead of using drinking water from the networkYou can use the ones that have accumulated during the last rains for your tomatoes.

This is the easiest solution to implement. We need to change our habits. But when we know that the 5 August In France, more than 100 municipalities are no longer supplied with drinking water. Whether the survival of biodiversity in Campaigns And in the tables. Putting in a little effort is not a big deal if everyone is doing it.

This represents thousands of cubic meters of water.

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