‘I’m Crying With Laughter’: Netizens Love This French Movie That’s A Netflix Huge, Yet It Is Criticized When It Shows

Three days after releaseThe movie has a place in the top 3 most watched shows at the moment Our hearts are wounded and others gray man on me NetflixWithout knowing how and why. Regarding the second question, Netflix subscribers answered it with praise Walter on Twitter. “I’ve been watching Walter and enjoying him all the time I wanted to see him, crying laughter with Alban Ivanov, he’s the best”writes a surfer, referring here to the acting process we already find Comedian Alban IvanovShe appears regularly in funny films. “I’m watching Walter on Netflix. I shot it without really believing it, I’m laughing. The movie is huge, I love that humor”Another user of the social network commented. “There’s a Walter movie on Netflix! So good, I loved it when I saw it in the cinema at the time”Still another rejoice.

Walter: The harsh reviews for this Netflix hit movie

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on me customAnd the Walter, Released in 2019failed on average with only 2.3/5. “A horrible shipwreck. So tall, without rhythm, framing and failed lights, actors without charisma, this African ranger with hints of colonialism obviously couldn’t stand this meager scenario alone”one user writes, while another writes: “Very bad movie, the gags are rather heavy and rare, the script doesn’t really have a beginning or an end. We don’t really understand what we’re doing there at the end!”. Another invents a concept and conjures it up A ‘close’ movie: a movie that’s neither scary nor funny, a movie that borders on good lines but always misses the point. Very bad. In fact, it only lacks the text.” for TeleramaOnly 13% is recommended…

Walter : what is he talking about ?

Walter Kicamba is a security guard in a supermarket run by Jose Perez, and he’s a somewhat obnoxious character. During the closure of the establishment, Samir, pretending to be a customer, managed to hide in the store. The goal: to help the leader of his gang, Goran, and his accomplices get there at night. When Walter joined his wife Lawrence and their children, his phone rang: the supermarket alarm went off and he had to go there to check that all was well. When he arrived at the scene, Goran and his gang were already there. While the plan appears to be going smoothly, they see Walter arriving, a security guard who takes his job very seriously. In fact, Walter is a former African warlord, and he would be ruthless.

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