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To celebrate the first anniversary of Windows 11, Microsoft is preparing a major update to its system. Here are the new features to expect for Windows 11 version 22H2 and what you need to know.

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after l Windows 11 launch In October 2021, Microsoft is preparing an important update for the operating system. It is free to download, and promises to continue to update the operating system.

What’s new in Windows 11 22H2

Here is a summary of what’s new to take away from the major update.

  • Tabs in File Explorer
  • Better integration with OneDrive
  • Folders in the Start Menu
  • More personalized Start Menu
  • Drag and drop back to the taskbar
  • Share windows with Microsoft Teams
  • New volume indicator
  • Touch screen improvements
  • Interface update
  • New task manager

In detail, the Windows 11 22H2 update should not fundamentally change your use of the Microsoft system. It is rather a matter of continuing the work of the Windows Update that took a boost with the move to Windows 11.

More modern interface

The task manager that has evolved timidly since Windows 8 will get a new interface. Other dated elements such as the volume indicator have been revised to provide a more coherent view.

In the Start menu, Microsoft introduces several important changes. We can note the access of folders to organize the shortcuts more easily and the possibility to change the size of the area allocated to the installed applications.

Organizing windows becomes simpler with new touch shortcuts for users of tablets or hybrid PCs, but also with a mouse with the help of the top of the screen. The latter is a new way to use Windows Snap and organize its windows on parts of the screen.

Windows 11 22H2 Nouveau Snap Menu
Windows Snap gets simpler // Source: Frandroid

The taskbar restores drag-and-drop files between apps that disappeared with Windows 11. It also includes some changes like the ability to tap the microphone next to the time to instantly mute you. Icons such as battery or language and Bluetooth menus have also been revised.

Windows 11 settings are also filled with novelty with the ability to set Bing’s picture of the day as wallpaper, or a file A new section dedicated to its Microsoft subscriptions.

The Alt + Tab menu no longer takes up the entire screen, and presents apps by group if they are displayed together on the screen.

Windows 11 nouveau menu alternative tab
The new Alt + Tab menu is no longer full screen // Source: Frandroid


The star of this update is undoubtedly the File Explorer. Wins The ability to use tabs Like a web browser.

Windows 11 tab file explorer
Source: Microsoft

The Explorer interface is also evolving to improve Microsoft OneDrive integration. It is possible to share files more easily via OneDrive. The sharing window integrates computers on the local network, And not just those that are available in bluetooth.

Clipchamp applet that allows you to Edit videos for free and easily Native to Windows 11.

Weekly Clipchamp Frandroid app

Microsoft Teams should also gain the ability to easily share the system window through deep integration. Right click on the taskbar and just click on Share.

Windows gets smarter

With Windows 11, Microsoft focused on making the system more user friendly.

The new Do Not Disturb mode is easier to set up and allows you to mute notifications with just a few taps. In particular, you can create periods of focus time.

Windows 11 . Focus Mode
Focus Mode // Source: Frandroid

On the security side, Microsoft is adding an intelligent app control that helps detect and block untrusted or potentially dangerous apps.

Windows 11 includes a new access feature: Live Feedback. Using artificial intelligence, Microsoft quickly interprets the words of any audio source on your computer to display dialogues in text. Obviously, Microsoft only supports English (US) at this time.

Windows 11 IA Avril 2022
Source: Microsoft

You are probably familiar with the features of adding background blur in video conferencing applications. Microsoft integrates these functions natively into Windows 11 for developers through AI. Users will also be able to take advantage of active background noise cancellation and automatic gaze correction to give a more natural conversation.

What is the release date of Windows 11 22H2?

The first major update for Windows 11 is scheduled for the end of 2022. We can expect Windows 11 22H2 to start rolling out in September, or more likely in October.

Is Windows 11 22H2 compatible with my PC?

If your PC is compatible with Windows 11, you should be able to install the 22H2 update without any problems.

There is a procedure to ensure this.

  • Open Registry Editor Windows 11
  • Go to the title HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionAppCompatFlagsTargetVersionUpgradeExperienceIndicators
  • Open the NI22H2 entry
  • read value” RedReason«
  • If nothing appears, your computer is compatible with the update and Microsoft won’t prevent it from installing

Conversely, if the value indicates something else, this should point you to the reasons for the incompatibility with your device. There may be a lack of storage space or a problem TPM Chip Configurationfor example.

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