When a weapon cools down, fire becomes a threat. Arc System Works announces its next roadmap - Game News 24 - EYE CLUB
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When a weapon cools down, fire becomes a threat. Arc System Works announces its next roadmap – Game News 24

Tobias Bessmann | 06/08/2022 08:03 AM.

Guilty Gear Strive will continue to receive at least additional content for the next calendar year. Notify Arc System Works of the current schedule of updates.

Fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive from Arc System Works was released in June 2021 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. At the time, the developers had already confirmed that due to the limitations that the Covid 19 pandemic had hit the studio, some of the features that were originally planned For launch, it must be scrapped and redeveloped over time.

Characters, crosshairs, and more.

Since then, the developers have already introduced features such as diorama mode and more than 5 additional characters. The roadmap for upcoming updates to Guilty Gear: Strive was released in the context of the EVO 2022: Experience, Present and Future of the Guilty Gear series. I hope the following information is helpful.

Summer 2022

  • New character number 6.
  • There’s also a new themed color.
  • else
    • PlayStation 5
      • Lower production delays due to lower import costs.
    • personal computer
      • Get your connection time when you have initial server access.

Autumn 2022

  • Crossplay test (all platforms)
    • This comprehensive test is scheduled for mid-September. More details about joining the beta test will be announced soon.
  • Crossplay Update
  • New character 7) No one comes from.

Winter 2022


  • The new character number 8 is the same as the name.
  • New character number nine

However, the Arc System has yet to announce the next update date but it has yet to show the new character. However, the curtain may be officially unveiled over the weekend. A lot of announcements are generally made on the last day of EVO.

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