Marion Ross and Julian Alaphilippe, two adorable photos with Nino, “Love Block”



Whether in a mini tracksuit or in a swimsuit, little Nino never fails to lubricate his famous parents.

When Nino is one year old, his parents are happy. On Saturday, August 6, Marion Ross took to her Instagram account to share new photos of her son. A little boy you share with the cyclist Julian Alphilippi mate for two years.

Sometimes in Mom’s arms, sometimes in the middle of a reading session with Dad, young Nino appears grown up in this new series of summer photos. He’s now lonely and upright enjoying the joys of the beach in his miniature swimsuit. A post that did not fail to delight the thousands of subscribers who have Marion Ross on Instagram.

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A few days ago, this time at the expense of his famous father, Nino appeared. The boy was then In full discovery … his father’s bike . The son of a two-time world champion on the road and the director of the Tour de France, he has something to keep.

What’s next for this ad?

in Interview conducted with Paris Match last May , Marion Ross trusted her family life, and necessarily sports. For this former champion of France on the road, motherhood put “priorities in place”: “Even at work, I learned to walk away from what is casual and what is necessary. It makes me stronger and more efficient.” As for Julian Alaphilippe, “Nino is an extension of itself.” She added, “He would always photograph him with the comforter before leaving to take him everywhere. He needed him. The feelings he shares with his son allow him to fight in time. Him too, this birth made him stronger!”

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